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Do you have an small size of Ms. Excel files which hard to open it…? May be your Excel files have some problem…but we did not know the exact problem…?


There is so many reason which can cause your MS.Excel slowly to open or save…Sometimes we spend many time only to quick save the Excel Files.

Below was some reason which can cause your Excel files were slowly open.

1. Hidden object….

There is some “Hidden Object” from previous user. Solutions.

Press F5 > ‘Go to’  > Choose Special… > Choose Object> Press OK,

>>then the computer will searching your “Hidden Object” –> Then you can       Press “delete”…when the computer finish to searching the Hidden Object.

You can apply in other spread sheet….repeat it if necessary.

2. Networking Problem.

If your Spread sheet need to accessing the local network, when network problem can cause your Excel Files slowly also.

3. Macros / VBA code.

If you are using Macros (i.e Visual Basic Code). Make sure you code was working as important. Using the VB code which can proceed more faster. Unless and complicated Code shall reduced.

4. Disable an Animated tools

Try to disable animated tools in excel 2003 : Tools > Options > Edit > Uncheck “Provide feedback with animation”.

In Excel 2007: Excel Button > Excel Options > Advanced > General > “Provide feedback with animation” (uncheck)

5. Double Conditional Formatting rules

Conditional formatting more intensive which proceed by your processor.


Here is the Sample for Solutions for Problem 1. Hidden Object.

>> Open your Excel Files.


>>Press F5, Then will show as follow ;


>> Special then OK, and will show as follow;


>>Choose object (Sometimes your Excel files may “stop Responding”…hold it…until searching The hidden object is finished)…no need to close your Excel….just wait.


>>Delete object which choosen.

>> Finish…yes done…

>> Please don’t forget to Ctrl+S

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