Here is PT. Hanjung Indonesia Fabrication Yard Preview Scene,

Intro PTH.gif

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PT. Hanjung Indonesia is the one of global manufacturing and fabrication Company which located in Bandar Lampung Indonesia.

PT. Hanjung Indonesia established since 1997, which have total area 234.155 M2.

PT. Hanjung Indonesia Facility Building consist of

  1. Main Office
  2. Ware House
  3. Power Room
  4. Fabrication -1
  5. Fabrication -2
  6. Painting and Blasting shop – A
  7. Painting and Blasting shop – B
  8. Open Yard Area -A
  9. Open Yard Area -B
  10. Open Yard Area -C
  11. Private Jetty -A
  12. Private Jetty  -B
  13. Pipe Coaster Facility
  14. Material Storage Area

Check The video for the details,